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  • Are suppliers provided in training?
    Yes, a number of suppliers are provided for each course, so that you can choose from what is convenient for you.
  • Are models provided for the practical training of each course?
    Models can be provided for an additional cost of $25 if you are unable to find your own. However, it is always best to find and train on a model you have found.
  • What if I need further assistance?
    Assistance is provided to the best of our ability to ensure our students are both comfortable and confident in their skills once training has been completed. In the event a student would like to be shadowed, or shadow an appointment of ours, that can be discussed.
  • Do your training programs provide basic business/ social media training?
    Yes, we pride ourselves on this aspect of our training, as it really sets us apart from most if not all beauty training programs out there. It's important that you know the importance of and how to register your business, find insurance, keep your books together for tax season and are able to build a website and setup social media platforms that are esthetically well put together to ensure your success.
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