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With a solid background in sales and marketing, Lisa always had a desire to both learn and develop skills in the beauty industry. After having trained in a number of beauty services and gained experience, and in some cases being double certified within this booming industry, it was a no brainer that she wanted to train and develop the skills of other women globally.

The affinity to train and help others to become business owners, entrepreneurs of their very own was certainly exciting, coupled with the passion she has for beauty services.

Eyebrow Treatment


Lisa Alvis

Double Certified Lash & Brow Artist; Teeth Whitening, Facial and Body Contour Specialist; Hyaluron Pen Tech; Lip Blushing Artist 

With experience in business namely sales and marketing, along with a number of certificates in the beauty industry, her training goes beyond just that of beauty theory or practical. 

Shawna Alvis

Certified Hair Stylist &

Makeup Artist

Having spent over 10 years in the hair and makeup industry's Shawna's experience with hair and makeup is truly extensive.

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