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Professional Teeth Whitening Course 

Whiter Teeth is Always a Good Idea. Become a Certified Laser Teeth Whitening Specialist, and offer one of the most popular cosmetic services on the market. At Vogue Beauty Academy, we believe that an important part of your success begins with your training, great training puts you on the road to becoming truly successful and achieving your dreams in the beauty industry.

Laser Teeth Whitening is taking the beauty industry by storm. White Teeth has become a necessary step in the grooming of both men and women, and continues to become more so as time goes on. With a long list of benefits including, enhancing appearances, to increasing self esteem safely, without breaking the bank, there is no wonder this service is growing in heaps and bounds. Whiter teeth, has long been renowned for portraying higher status and making an individual overly more attractive, offering a consistent stream of income for your business. Benefiting the lives of both men and women means your clientele list can be that much larger. Our 1-day teeth whitening course offers comprehensive training that will provide you with everything you need to know to accomplish whiter teeth, how to consult and consent and ensure the safety of your clients in doing so. Service your first 15 clients off the initial kit we provide, which means you will make your investment back and be profitable in no time. This course will include theory on everything from safety, competitors, products used, to preparation, consent forms, practical, proper aftercare and the LED light with stand (some courses the LED is included without the stand).

We look forward to working with you and bringing expertise and a consistent, lucrative revenue to your career in the growing teeth whitening industry!


What’s Included

  • 1 Day of 6 Hours Training

  • Professional Kit (incl. LED Light with Stand)

  • Marketing Material

  • Laser Teeth Whitening Certificate

  • On-Going Support



Course Cost: $690.00

Deposit: $200.00

What’s Included:

  • 1 Day of 5 Hours

  • Professional Kit 

  • Consent Forms

  • Teeth Whitening Technician Certificate

  • On-Going Support

Professional Training Kit Includes:

  • Teeth Whitening Lamp (on wheels)

  • 10 Teeth Whitening Kits

  • Laser Eye Protector Glasses

  • 1 Remineralizing Gel

Students who require further assistance after training are welcome to sit in on an additional training class free of charge (model portion not included). Simply bring your course kit and join in on an upcoming class.



Vogue Beauty Academy is recognized by our insurance partners and details of our partners will be provided in class. Student rates and coverage are not guaranteed and each student will need to request a quote for their current business situation if and when they choose to obtain insurance.



Students are provided the opportunity to practice on a live model during class. Students must bring their own models if they want to participate on the live model portion of training.  If a student cannot provide their own model, they are required to complete their live model practice independently and send in proof of practice to Vogue Beauty Academy within 3 weeks of training.

Course Cost: $950.00

Deposit: $475.00

If you’re ready to become a certified lash extension technician and grow your skills in this lucrative service, click the “Register Me!” button where your spot is guaranteed with a $475.00 deposit. If you’re very interested, but can’t register just yet, click the “Hold My Spot!” button, we will hold your spot for 48 hours while you decide.

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